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We Live in a Supernatural World

Most historians think or agree that the events of both the Old and New Testaments occurred. Many call this historicity. Based on criteria for historical accuracy, the Bible is history. In other words, the events of the Old and New Testaments happened.

Historians use many various historical means for verifying the accounts of the Bible. What men very often doubt though are the supernatural aspects of otherwise true stories. Their denial of the supernatural takes away from the incentive to believe the Divine message of the Bible. Men might reject the supernatural events of the Bible because they might think or say that these don’t still occur today. If they happened at certain points in history, then why do they not happen now? I would give several true answers to that concern.

One, very often I tell someone that we live in a supernatural world. Countless thousands of supernatural actions must occur at any given moment for people to survive on earth. It might take just the absence of one at a given moment to kill us all. Space is hostile to life. It is not given to life in an only natural way. No natural explanation suffices. If we acknowledge God always acts in His world, then we better understand why He might also act in a unique way, an extraordinary one, to manifest Himself to those who might seek Him.

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