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                                                                               Kent and Bridget Brandenburg were married two weeks in 1987 when they boarded a
                                                                                small U-haul truck with no furniture and little money to drive across country to
                                                                                evangelize and start Bethel Baptist Church in El Sobrante in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
                                                                                The church grew almost entirely through new converts, door-to-door evangelism,
                                                                                evangelistic Bible studies, thirty week discipleship, and expository preaching through
                                                                                every book of the Bible.  Men with the desire of the office of a bishop were trained, two of
                                                                                which stayed to pastor there.  Bethel sent Kent & Bridget out in 2020 as missionaries to
                                                                                start Jackson County Baptist Church in Southern Oregon.   They left someone there to 
                                                                                continue that work and pastor then in 2021.  In late February 2023, Kent became pastor a
                                                                                at South Decatur Baptist Church with the retirement of Pastor Gary East.

Kent Brandenburg graduated from Bible College in 1984 with a major in Pastoral Studies and Biblical Languages and a minor in Speech, from Graduate School of Theology with a Masters in Bible in 1985 and a Master of Divinity in 1987, and received an honorary Doctor of Divinity in 2004.  While pastoring in El Sobrante, CA, Kent preached or taught through every verse of the Bible over thirty-three years.  He has written, contributed toward, or edited four published books. In 1996 he wrote, Sound Music or Sounding Brass: A Biblical Theology of Godly Music (at Amazon). In 2003 he was general editor and author of Thou Shalt Keep Them: A Biblical Theology of the Perfect Preservation of Scripture (at Amazon). In 2012, he was general editor and author of A Pure Church: A Biblical Theology of Ecclesiastical Separation (at Amazon).  In 2022, he authored Disciplines for Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, a thirty week discipleship program for his churches.

Pastor Brandenburg is a native Hoosier, growing up the first 12 years of his life in Covington, Indiana on the Wabash River.

Kent and Bridget Brandenburg in Jerusalem in February of 2023.
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