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Genesis Best Scientific Explanation for Origins

More than I’ve seen in my lifetime, scientists and other very public officials say God’s creation is the best explanation for the origin of the universe and then life. They also are saying that Darwinism and evolution are false. No way those are true, what our school system now or still teaches as science or truth. It is a lie, but now it is a bold-faced lie.

So-called scientists, who still hold to a naturalistic origin and continue embracing evolution, will now say that they do not know how everything got here. They will give options, like looking at a menu at a restaurant that does not actually serve any of the listed dishes. If someone starts by looking at what is here and must explain how it got here from looking at that, he can’t say with honesty that it got here by accident. Instead then, he just speculates, probably with a smile, and the speculations still don’t answer the question.

The "scientists" just kick the question further back, like the existence of aliens or a multi-verse, another universe that produced this one. Not only the best explanation, but one that comes with tons or stacks of proof or evidence, is God, the God of the Bible, the Christian God. For the universe, the best way of communicating the proof now is “fine-tuning.” The fine-tuning required for a universe that would support life anywhere means God. Evidence shows power, intelligence, consciousness, order, and love.

The language for proof of the origins of life is “irreducible complexity.” The parts of a cell could not evolve. All the parts are necessary for the whole. The whole is irreducibly complex.

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