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Right to Bear Arms

The second amendment of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution says man has the right to bear arms. One should assume that God gives liberty to self-defense. The whole chapter of Genesis 13 gives an example of this when Abraham and his entire household, including his servants, track down and defeat the kidnappers of his nephew Lot. I don’t know the purpose of that passage without taking up arms as the major option at least.

I think any of you could sympathize with what you’re reading here. However, I’m taking the point of the passage and applying it in a slightly different direction. People, including professing Christians, with passion might rally behind the idea of having and then using the capability for self-defense. They could hotly reject the withholding of this physical right.

What about using your right to bear and use spiritual arms? A longtime battle exists between Satan and God, this world system and God, and the church is at the tip of the sphere of this battle. What’s a stake? Lives, for sure. However, it’s more important and of greater value than physical life. It’s eternal life, the eternal souls of men. 2 Corinthians 10:1-5 talks about the weapons of our warfare, our spiritual warfare.

God wants His “soldiers,” which are members of His churches, taking up arms and using them. Everyone needs training. It is vital, but you won’t get credit on earth. It’s like no one hearing about a death of a CIA member. This world won’t make ado about your fighting the good fight of faith. Will you get in the fight?

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