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Lying, Liars, and an Objective Standard for Truth

I watched the first (and maybe only) Presidential debate between President Biden and former President Trump. For one of the candidates, it was a truly awful debate based on whatever standard you wanted to apply. After the debate, surrogates for President Biden attacked his opponent mainly by saying he lied, he was a liar, that almost everything he said was a lie, and that it’s almost impossible to debate someone who lies so much.

I don’t like lying and don’t want someone lying to me. At the same time, I try to examine what someone says to judge whether it is true or not. Of course, to do that, I have a standard for truth. Without an objective standard no one can judge the truth of something.

Many people almost entirely from one half of the country claim there is no objective standard of truth. You hear them very often say, “Your truth, “Your truth is your truth,” or “my truth.” They claim truth is totally relativistic. That lack of objective standard prohibits someone from claiming in any objective manner that someone “lied.”

Major institutions in the United States lie all the time, teach as truth some of the biggest lies, and then require adherents to accept those lies. God created the heaven and the earth. That is the truth. It is the truth about origins. The state requires education institutions to teach the lie of only naturalistic origins.

A Christian view of the world requires an objective standard for truth. It provides an authority, the Word of God. God says to His audience in scripture, prove or test everything and only believe what is true.

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