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Demise of the Patriarchy

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but it’s true either way, the culture of the United States now denigrates, attacks, and dismisses the Patriarchy. Patriarchy comes from two Greek words, pater (“father”) and arche (“rule”), together “father rule.” In ‘correct’ circles, the Patriarchy is nothing more than what those people call, “a social construct.” These people are saying that fathers themselves conveniently invented the concept of the Patriarchy so that they would have power. It seems absurd. Nothing in history suggests it.

The best explanation is that God instituted Patriarchy when He created Adam first in order and then put him in charge of the Garden of Eden. God not only has not rescinded that arrangement, but He further establishes and emphasizes it in His Word. God designed men to lead their families, also expressed by the word “rule” through scripture. 1 Timothy 3 when listing and explaining the qualifications of a pastor, says in verse 4, “one that ruleth his own house well.” God says a man is to rule His house. That means God put man in authority of the home and really society. Fathers have taken a beating though, especially diminished by education, literature, and entertainment.

The typical situation comedy ridicules and mocks the Dad, generally portraying him as a buffoon. Sure, dads have played into that caricature and failed in many cases. This does not eliminate God’s ordination and structure for the home. It is an attack of Satan and the world system against God that attempts to destroy the family.

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