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Warding Off Inevitable Decline

Perhaps you have seen something, anything, in decline. You try to grow flowers and they decline. You have a friend, whose health declines, and you see this happening. You’re concerned. When I was young, I was athletic. I remember the decline and it’s only become worse for me. It is tough to see institutional decline: a business, a company, a school, the government, a family. Maybe you’ve heard of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics or also called the law of entropy, the latter defined: “lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.” Energy or organization must enter from the outside of a system to sustain or maintain it. If not, it will decline. From a biblical standpoint, sin causes this break down or decline, proceeding from the curse by God upon sin. Nothing will ascend or even sustain or maintain without the help or work of God. Historians write about the decline and fall of empires and nations. Rather than conquered from the outside, the cause is an internal one, this break down according to this natural law of entropy. Many reading this see the decline of the United States, but maybe worse the entire culture or society. We need God through true churches for this decline to end. First we must agree decline is occurring.

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