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Those with Jesus as King Meet Today in His Assemblies

During what people called the “Covid pandemic,” states began mandating the shut-down of many public institutions. During that time, churches also closed. Many churches started offering a zoom or video stream for people to watch from home. Some churches opened up very soon. They saw the shut-down as an over reaction and maybe even something more insidious or conspiratorial. More than that, they believed God mandated the gathering of churches. The word “church,” the Greek word ekklesia, means “assembly.” A non-assembling church is not a church. Churches must assemble. These biblical churches gave many other strong scriptural arguments. A disease would not give a pass for not meeting..

The closure of churches, their not gathering, had a big impact on people. When churches started meeting again, many people had stopped. They stayed home. People act as though they don’t need the church to worship God. None of this is true in the Bible. Every believer in the Bible, which defines what it means to be a believer, submits to scriptural baptism and joins the church. This marks their surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head of the church. As the Head of His assemblies, Jesus rules them in the midst of His enemies. In His kingdom, He will rule all. Truly saved people show their acquiescence to Him and desire for the kingdom by fitting into the church now. This is how God works today.

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