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The Red Pill . . . . Really

Now in the vocabulary of American culture are the two words, “red pill.” Maybe you already know what “red pill” means. I understand that it arose from a popular film, but the metaphor is also descriptive of truth. That’s why people keep using it. Taking the red pill means taking the blinders off and seeing the world for what it really is. You see the reality, the truth, through the deceit of how the prince of this world, Satan, wants you continue being fooled.

The Greek word in the New Testament translated “world” is kosmos from which we get the English word, “cosmetic.” The cosmetic isn’t something real. It’s artificial. It is meant to make something look better than it really is. Taking the “red pill” really means seeing the world or your life according to the wisdom of God, seeing it God’s way. You want to see the world for what it really is. Instead of investing your life on something temporal, that passes away and you lose in the end, you spend it on that which is eternal. This world will end. People really know this. Your physical life will end too. But what is the future? The true future? Taking the red pill is to stop believing the lie and understanding the truth about this life. The only way through is Jesus Christ. He is your only future, the only way of salvation, and all the gives life meaning.

Taking the red pill, coming to Jesus Christ, means not putting it off. Part of the deceit is you can do that. Come to Him now.

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