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Sowing Seed Everywhere

The New Testament, including heavily from the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, gives explicit instruction and plain allusions to the spreading of the gospel message all over. God wants the gospel going everywhere and to everyone. Jesus alludes to this through various parables of sowing the seed, an agricultural allusion understandable to those hearing Him in that day. “A sower went forth to sow” (Matthew 13:3), “there went a sower to sow” (Mark 4:3), “the sower soweth the word” (Mark 4:14), and “a sower went out to sow his seed” (Luke 8:5). The sower covered the field with seed. It was his goal to spread it all over the field on every type of soil, good ground, hard, stony, and thorny soil. The seed, which is the Word of God, plainly the gospel message, went everywhere. The various types of soil represent the types of hearts of all the hearers, four different ones. Only one type received the seed, that is, received the gospel, grew, and brought forth fruit. The other three did not. All the ground looked the same at the time of the sowing. The sower went ahead and sowed it everywhere, not knowing the outcome, because that depended on the seed and then the heart of the one receiving it. It is not the job of the sower to ascertain what will happen with the seed. He just plants it everywhere.

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