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Two Basic Presuppositions Everyone Has for a View of the World

Updated: Apr 29

No one takes a neutral position in his view of the world. In general, people come to everything with one of two presuppositions: naturalism or supernaturalism. One of those two gives the best explanation for everything that we see.

Scripture says men know supernaturalism, which is God (Romans 1:21) They know God because He is manifest in men and shows Himself to all men in general in various ways (Romans 1:19).

Naturalism says everything came about through natural causes, what some have called uniformitarianism. The idea of uniformity is that things as we see them is how they’ve always been, so no need for an explanation of supernatural intervention. This is not the world that we see. Naturalism is like going to a celebration and seeing a carp in the punch bowl. Someone asks, “Who put that in there?” Naturalism says, no one. You go outside and your car is wet. You look up. There is not a cloud in the sky as far as you can see. Next to the car is a used hose and a bucket with water and a sponge in it. You don’t assume that it just “got wet” naturally.

Too many things happened for an explanation of no intervention from outside the natural world. Some scientists, ones interested in the truth, today talk about the fine-tuning of the universe. Space is hostile to life. This planet didn’t “just happen.” Hundreds, even thousands, of events must occur at any given time just for life to survive on this planet, let alone the beauty and complexity. Everything about this world speaks of Divine intervention.

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